Friday, September 04, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series): Special Hello, Budokan! Edition

From 1965, please enjoy the incomparable Ventures and their killer (heh) live rendition of Richard Rogers great ballet tune "Slaughter on 10th Avenue." (Certainly, the Japanese audience is having a terrific time.)

Actually, there's some dispute about whether anything on this album was actually recorded in concert -- in Japan or anywhere else, for that matter -- but whatever its provenance, I think we can all agree that the music on the CD is about as good as instro-rock gets.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series): Special There's a Fungus Among Us Edition

And may I just say and for the record that the la-la song heard at the opening of this trailer is the single greatest creative accomplishment of mankind to date?

I think I posted that clip last year, but it behooves repeating, as the movie itself -- Matango -- is essentially Gilligan's Island with killer mushrooms, which you have to admit is one hell of a premise for a monster movie. It's actually a pretty effective little film; the whole thing's up on You Tube if you want to check it out.

Meanwhile, and by way of apology, here's a somewhat more rocking piece of work with a relevant theme.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Present Day Folk-Rocker Refuses to Die

Had a wonderful time in the studio last night -- although "Letter From Liverpool" is still not completely finished -- but as we were listening to a playback somebody mentioned drummer/producers and the great Butch Vig and this song instantly came to mind. For obvious reasons.

Vig and one of the other guys in Fire Town went on to fame and fortune in Garbage, of course, but this 1987 anthem has always been one of my favorites. As I often say, a well-played electric twelve-string guitar is perhaps the most beautifully occuring sound in nature.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Closed for Creating A Work of Art That is Unsurpassed and Will Probably Make My Name Live Beyond Eternity

Or more likely just another crappy rock song.

Seriously, heading off to the studio to finish (I hope) that new Floor Models song I've been bending your ear about (hoping to put Phil Spector-style violins on the bridge and final chorus). In any case, regular posting resumes tomorrow.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series): Okay, Okay, I Promise This is the Last One!

From 2014, please enjoy Asian Who tribute band Townzen -- get it? (heh) -- as they do to "Won't Get Fooled Again" what their countrymen earlier did to the prisoners in the Bataan Death March.

Hey, I think it's kind of cute that the bass player is a lady, but still -- they couldn't find a Japanese guy to stand in for Roger Daltrey?

In any case, on the basis of this performance I think we should call these guys The Huh.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series): Special Radies and Gentermen, It's the RoVing Stones!

As I said yesterday, not only do words fail me, but language itself is hopelessly inadequate to describe the below.

I'll say this, though -- I don't know how it got to be Japan week around here. Probably something to do with the recent anniversary of Hiroshima.

See you all on Monday, with fewer filthy Eastern ways.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series): Special The Blues Came Down From the Tokyo Delta Edition

Upon the recommendation from kind(?) reader Logan Waters yesterday, I checked out this 2013 performance of "Midnight Rambler" by a Japanese Rolling Stones tribute band.

More specifically -- an actual Japanese Rolling Stones 1972 American Tour tribute band.

Not only do words fail me -- in this case, the entire concept of language is inadequate to describing what you witness in that video.

That said, the guy doing Mick Taylor is actually really good, now that I think of it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tales From the Mystic East (An Occasional Series)

Please enjoy Tokyo Jihen and their sinisterly infectious "Una Nueva Civilizacion."

I know absolutely nothing about these kids -- I posted another of their videos back in 2013 -- apart from the fact that they are totally awesome. I particularly love the guitar player with the attitude.

In any case, there's obviously some kind of power pop thing in the water over there.

[h/t Tommy Stewart]

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Closed Due To Henotheist Menace© Attack

Man, this chicken shit is really getting out of hand.

Seriously -- real life beckons today; regular posting resumes tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Your Monday Moment of the Magnificence That IS Lucy Lawless

The Xena Warrior Princess star, skewering Stevie Nicks as she has always deserved to be skewered.

I'll never listen to "Rhiannon" the same way again, which I assume is a good thing.