Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Rose by Any Other Name?.... Ah, not so much

Gotta love Eschaton. Some reasonable number of the threads, no matter what their purported topic, descend into discussions of music or movies or, in one recenly freakish instance, Highlights for Kids. (And yes, I'm still enamoured of the Goofus and Gallant interpretation of the November election, though in Highlights, Goofus was never rewarded for his behavior. If only life imitated art!)

Anyway, a recent freewheeling conversation over there descended into great actual or theoretical bandnames. watertiger, always a dependable renegade on these threads, borrowed a term from the fundies and decided it would be great to have a band called God's Timetable. I noted the best band name I've heard in a long time, Milton and the Devil's Party, whose CD I eagerly await and will report on here. Robert M. Jeffers, in this vein, suggested "Bandemonium," and we were off. (Personally, I think of Bandemonium as an album title, myself. Or perhaps a pop supergroup.) Other favorite suggestions included: Pudentate and The Joint Chiefs (that's two names, not one), though the latter is a real band, I hear.

Apparently, this is how Robert Pollard used to entertain himself....

Oh, and a link to the Random Band Name Generator, just for fun. I got Mute Moon this time.


Thersites said...

Heavy Metal band names:


Glottal Stop

The Interrobangers


NYMary said...

As Backslider noted in the linked thread:

I was in a black metal band for about 15 minutes back in college. It was called "Dark Urge". There were umlauts over the "a" and "u", so I always read it as "Dork Orgy". Which, frankly, it was.

WOuld any of your metal bands have an umlaut, perchance, Thersites?

Thersites said...

Oh, and...

Death Schwa