Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cahiers du Cowabunga!!!

From July 28, 1962, and the soundtrack to the documentary film One Man's Challenge, please enjoy The Beach Boys at a teen club in Azusa, CA and an absolutely live version of their epochal "Surfin' Safari."

A cinema vérité look at genuine early '60s SoCal beach and teen culture, One Man's Challenge is one of the rarest '60s rock films, and also (apparently) one of the most interesting. In any case, when Marshall Crenshaw got to see it (a 16mm print) for his 1994 book Hollywood Rock, he remarked that the Beach Boys "look like gods on this scene." Dale Smallin, who wrote and directed the flick, was a minor surf music deity in his own right as a songwriter and producer; that's his laugh that's heard at the beginning of "Wipe Out."

I should add that I don't do the whole torrent download thing, but if anybody can find me a copy of this one, needless to say I'd be your best friend.


Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

I can't believe you found the guy on "Wipe Out".

steve simels said...

He produced it, if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

For all the hoopla about the BB's relying on the Wrecking Crew for their singles, I think they sound pretty tight here.


steve simels said...

Hell yeah -- despite the crappy recording, you can hear the whole sound is already there in '62.

billy b said...


Are those Pendleton's the boys are decked out in?

Anonymous said...

yes. their original name was based of those popular shirts if i'm not mistaken.

btw word verifiction is preewho (pre-who?)

MJConroy said...

To my new best friend, Steve:

And I hope your mother gets well!