Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Was I Not Informed of This?

Once again, I seem to have missed the memo. Which is to say, I hadn't heard of these kids until last Saturday. (And which also means I actually have something to thank World's Most Irksome Rock Critic™ Jon Caramanica for, although I won't bore your with the details).

From All-Music Guide:

Yeastie Girlz (their name obviously a take-off on the Beastie Boys) were a short-lived feminist rap trio comprised of members Jane, Cammie, and Kate, hailing from the fertile punk scene of Gilman St. in Berkeley, San Francisco. The trio released a lone 7" EP in 1988, Ovary Action (issued on the independent Lookout! label), which contained a total of ten songs (only one of which stretches past the two-minute mark); some sample titles being "Sperm Brain," "Talkin' Shit," "Orgasm Addict," and "Fuck Yerself." Besides their single, not much else was heard from Yeastie Girlz.

Actually, my favorite is their "Sue Your Friends."

But in any case...

...I think I'm in lurve.


buzzbabyjesus said...

This might turn out to be one of your self deprecating "note to self" days:\

FD13NYC said...

Yech, very silly. never liked rap or hip hop anyway. Let's try to post some good music this week, huh.

steve simels said...

C'mon, these girls are a riot, and oddly and charmingly innocent.

They're like one of those all-gal Beatles tribute/fan groups from 1964 only with dick jokes.

FD13NYC said...

Agreed, two of them are kind of hot, the one on the left looks like a guy. But their attempt at anything artistic, is not. I'd rather listen to the Carefrees.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I didn't even make it to a minute.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect me not to say something sexist?


The music sucked, they look adorable!