Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Left of the Dial

A brief programming note: I'm going to be on Lost at Sea, my old chum Allan Rosenberg's intertube radio show over at Area 24 tonight, between 5-7 pm...

...during which I will be, mostly, blathering about the release of Floor Your Love, the album I compiled for my early 80s twelve-string pop band.

Which has heretofore been available for download over at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby, but which is now also available as a genuine, honest-to-Flying Spaghetti Monster compact disc.

In an effort to minimize the obvious self-indulgence of all this, however, we will also be playing selected tracks by a) bands that influenced us and b) our contemporaries and heroes on the Bleecker Street scene back in the day, i.e. The Smithereens and Willie Nile plus some other folks -- Gregory Fleeman, Mark Johnson -- who you may not have heard of but should have.

You can stream the show at the link above, obviously. I should also add that if I've previously promised anybody a copy of the CD, be sure to e-mail me, as my memory is even worse than it was when I promised you.


FD13NYC said...

Still waiting. Good luck on the show.

dave™© said...

Heard the last half of the show - no call-in number, though! :(