Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And Bryan Ferry Can Go Fuck Himself Too.

I knew this guy was a sell-out poser even back in the day.

But this...



Elroy said...


steve simels said...

BTW, this is a fake.

I still hate Eno, however.

Anonymous said...

Eno was in the crowd one night when The Hounds played at CBGBs.

Allan Rosenberg

Anonymous said...

A bunch of folks that worked with Eno stuck to their own path, I guess. Percy Jones, Fred Frith. It could be they just didn't have anything to sell out.

But the career arc of Phil Collins tarnishes everything it touched, so there's that.

Brian comes across as a dick in his interviews. Half the time I think he's ragging on his much more earnest brother.

GLLinMO said...

Wow. From another perspective as a former Purina employee of semi recent vintage. Call it a sell out or not, whatever. But now a days a consumer company like Nestlé Purina to even think of something like this would be out of the question. Now they must play it way too safe to use someone like Eno. He was not a household word back in the day. Love it for that prospective.

Then again WTF does someone like Eno know about cat food and who would really care able his opinion.? Celebrity endorsements are pretty odious to me.

But still interesting.