Thursday, October 23, 2014

Your Thursday Moment of Holy Fucking Shit

Forty years after we couldn't get arrested -- let alone get a record deal -- the fabulous Floor Models (featuring a bass player whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels)... played on the radio. Last Sunday, in fact.

Courtesy of living saint/deejay Jim Monaghan. Formerly of the late lamented WNEW-FM, and now the morning guy on The Rock of New Jersey...

...which streams in real time HERE, BTW.

Jim played our live cover of The Records/Searchers classic "Hearts in Her Eyes," in between The Jags' "Back of My Hand" and "Another Nail For My Heart" by Squeeze.

Words fail me. But if you're of a mind, go over to the website of ZERO HOUR RECORDS, Australia's leading music-delivery system, and order a copy of the album. Now!

Oh, and here's the track in question.

You're welcome.


Voxtron said...

Sounds like you were more influenced by the Searchers version than the Records. when was this recorded? Must say I've never heard anybody play it live, other than the Searchers one time back in the 80's.

steve simels said...

1982, and yes you're right--we learned it from the Searchers comeback LP.

GLLinMO said...

And - I wish out here in the mid-America, we had a station that would spin that kind of play set. Heavy sigh.

You're version seems a tad more up tempo than the Searchers version. Typically I'm a faster-is -better kind of guy. So this is just a comment. Still sounds great. Guess I need to finally order this LP Nice work.

But - front cover and back cover photos seem to be a disconnect. Maybe the front needs a little more "professional" attention.

Jim Monaghan said...

Thanks for the plug and the very kind words, Steve.