Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Morning Brit Invasion Revival Blogging

From the Montreux Jazz Festival sometime in the early 80s, here's a great live clip of Elvis Costello and the guys from Squeeze doing Manfred Mann's Pretty Flamingo.

I've long fantasized that if they'd made a video for the song when it first came out the title object of desire would have been played by Jean Shrimpton. If they were filming it today I might cast -- hmm, not sure. Saffron Burrows, maybe.

Elvis actually sounds like he was genetically bred to sing this, BTW.

Update:Turns out that the otherwise obscure Mark Barkan, who wrote "Pretty Flamingo," was also the co-author of the geatest rock song of all time.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Shrimp would be perfect. That video was such a treat.

Anonymous said...

And on bass, Nick Lowe!