Monday, March 30, 2015

Give the Drummer Some!

The good news: Percussionist extraordinaire Glen "Bob" Allen -- my friend, collaborator (in the Floor Models and much more) and musical director for over three decades ---

--- and who currently does backbeat duties for The French Cookin' Blues Band, was recently inducted, along with the rest of said group, into the New York City Blues Hall of Fame.

Here's a song TFCBB did at the induction ceremony.

The bad news: While attempting to cross the street on the way to his day job last week, two shitheads in a van ran into Glen, knocking him down and fracturing his right wrist in three separate places. Glen won't be able to play for a while, probably not until after some major corrective surgery, and at the moment he's in serious pain and more than a little irked.

Please send some good thoughts his way, and let's hope that he can return to pounding those pagan skins ASAP.


steve simels said...

BTW--the keyboard guy is David Bennett Cohen, of Country Joe and the Fish.

pete said...

Dear Glen - good man, great drummer. How often does THAT happen?

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...

Get well wishes to Glen ---

Anonymous said...

You feel better buddy!

Sorry about no french kissing, I mean cooking until your wrist heals.

Capt. Al

Anonymous said...

Not just a superb drummer, also a great brother. -- Big Bro Greg, not so uh non a muss and living at Del Boca Vista Phase 3...