Monday, March 16, 2015

How Come They Never Have Problems Like This on STAR TREK?

DivShare has been undergoing server repairs for the last several days, so the post I'd planned for today -- which [hint hint] involves the 50th anniversary of a great work of American art -- proved impossible to get together for technological reasons.

However, as of just now, apparently they've fixed whatever was wrong, so regular posting will resume on Tuesday. Thank you in advance for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Our star drive is completely burned out. The only thing we have left is impulse power.

I'll sit on the warp engines myself and nurse them.

I have opened the control valves to the matter-anti-matter nacelles. On your signal, I will flood them with positive energy.

I don't know how much more emergency power we can take before we start to break up.

I need a hunk a' crystal the size of my fist.

Vickie Rock - Raisin' the stakes in Lucky V.

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