Friday, February 19, 2016

Your Friday Moment of Words Fail Me

From 1966 (on local Chicago teevee) -- it's The Gary Lewis Experience!

Okay, actually Gary Lewis and the Playboys. A real nice buncha guys.

BTW, I looked exactly like Lewis when I was in high school. You can imagine how thrilled I was about that.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!!


Billy B said...

I was only 9 or 10 when GL and the PBs were popular, but I really liked their music. Good AM pop.

cthulhu said...

No band with Jim Keltner on drums, and fortunate enough to be given a song written by Al Kooper, can be too bad.

Jai Guru Dave said...

The lead guitarist wasn't even trying to pretend it was him playing those parts!

Is that Carl Radle on bass??

steve simels said...

I think it's Peyton Manning.

Billy B said...

I think it's Peyton Manning

heh. Just learned over to allmusic that Leon Russell produced some of the band's stuff.

FD13NYC said...

Joke if you will, they made some good tunes.

Anonymous said...

Some great talent involved surrounding this band. Paid a few bills for Leon from 1965-1967. Plus he brought in some of the Tulsa guys. Seven top ten hits in a row is hard to argue with. But the singer is weak and his stage persona is annoying. Hard to believe he beat out Sinatra and Elvis as Cashbox Magazine Best Male Vocalist of the Year 1965. Ouch.

Plus what's with the accordion dude that can never be heard in the mix of the hits.

Never was a fan enough to ever buy one of their records. But I dug "She's Just My Style" and when my cousin left her 45 of "Save Your Heart For Me" at our house after a summer vacation visit, I was kinda intrigued by the B-Side. But Gary Lewis sounded like a wiener to me even at that young age. Just think how bad he would have sounded without all that echo, double tracking and guide vocal help.

As big as they were, I never saw them play live. Not even in a supporting role. And I got around. Anybody know what they sounded like when they weren't miming to the pre-recorded tapes? I know they must have played the Hullabaloo out here at least once or twice. I'm curious. Anybody see them on a Dick Clark Tour?


Shriner said...

I did not see the original band, but I saw GL and "the Playboys" on the Happy Together tour back in the early 80s. He did a pretty decent half hour set with all the big hits and played his own guitar, etc.

Anonymous said...

Gary Lewis, Alice Cooper, Elvis Costello... you've looked like a bunch of famous rock hitmakers over the years, Mr. Simels.

J. Lag

steve simels said...

I never got any girls as a result, however.

Alzo said...

Okay, so I watch the first song and think 'well, this is kinda lame,' so I turn it off. Five minutes later, I'm in the basement and I'm humming this song. Damn!

tommy quest said...

i would think it was pretty intimidating growing up as jerry lewis' kid. he did pretty well. good solid pop music