Friday, June 10, 2016

We're Back (And There Was Much Rejoicing!!!)

Yeah, the computer stuff has been resolved.

Meanwhile, saw the genuinely legendary Al Kooper last night, and I am pleased to report that he has still got it.

Coincidentally, I just got an above ground copy of the often bootlegged Blues Project Live at the Matrix album, and I am also pleased to report that it's as terrific as I remembered. And from it,here's my favorite Blues Project song in perpetuity.

Kooper did a terrific Staples Singers'-inspired version of that at the show last night, but alas I lacked the wit to tape it.

In any case, with our technical issues dealt with, we will resume our usual vivacious postings on Monday, starting with that long promised plugola for a certain young band from Texas. Trust me, it'll have been worth the wait.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


pete said...

Had to white-knuckle the last few days without you.

pete said...

Who's playing tamborine?

Billy B said...

Killer, Stevie. About the only BST I like is when Al headed the band. "I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" from BST is a damn good tune.

steve simels said...

If memory serves -- and I saw them about the same time as this was recorded -- Steve Katz would play it when it wasn't absolutely crucial for him to play rhythm guitar.

steve simels said...

I've said this elsewhere, but it remains true -- if this album had come out officially in 1966, every guitar playing kid in America would have been trying to learn Danny Kalb licks.

Allan Rosenberg said...

I love me some Blues Project but I often find Kalb's solos way out of control and all over the place.

I know, I know , if you don't have something good to say...

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

My bootleg sounds like it's from a lower gen. tape. Fiery performance. Think Kalb may have influenced some of the San Francisco guys? The 1981 Bond's Casino bootleg is actually pretty good too.

Saw these guys quite by accident when I was just a kid. Had no clue who they were. I went to the show in the back of a pick-up that belonged to a local Chicano band. They had a big gig in L.A. where they were like 13th on the bill or something. Me and Sandy tagged along since we hung out at the music store where they rehearsed.

In this case, the name opening bands all blew away the headliners. The openers were the Premiers, Cannibal & the Headhunters, the Ambertones and the Blues Project, who had a black chick on stage with them. They were kinda white for a blues band. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that, unfortunately, Steve Katz sang all the vocals that day. Kalb was great though. Hadn't heard much playing like that before. Blind Willie musta been rolling over in his grave.

Oh, the headliners were Peter and Gordon :-)

VR - Caress Me Baby

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