Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Power Pop Exclusive!

Regular readers know that I'm quite keen on the Philadelphia-area band Milton and the Devils Party. I discovered them completely by accident a little over a year ago, fiddling around online. It was an extremely happy accident, since the band combines a solid power pop sensibility with a kind of literary wit that really appeals to geeks like me.

At that time, MADP were just releasing their first (self-produced and distributed) CD, What Is All This Sweet Work Worth? There were a number of really good tunes on the disc, and a handful of great ones. The production on it, however, was sort of flat and unimaginative, and didn't really do justice to the writing. I didn't realize how serious the problem was until I went to see them play: live, they're a much sharper band than the recording would suggest, and Daniel Robinson has his front man patter down cold.

Well, I have some happy news, in what is (I think) PowerPop's first genuine exclusive, Milton and the Devils Party have signed to the indie label Face Down Records (home of The Dipsomaniacs) for a remixed and expanded version of WIATSWW?. I've heard several tracks, and without exception, they're much edgier and punchier than the original versions, less safe, capturing more of the energy of live performance.

Face Down seems like a good fit for MADP: I'm particularly curious about their recent tribute compilation High School Reunion, a collection of songs from 80's teen flicks, performed by artists such as Frank Black and Matthew Sweet (Is he required by law to be on every compilation album? Maybe he's just a really good sport.)

About their relationship with their new label, Robinson said to me: "I'm thrilled to be working with Face Down Records: I loved the Dipsomaniacs before I even knew they were in New Jersey. I found them on iTunes somehow and downloaded a bunch of stuff--and then after the Philly IPO I contacted Mick about the label. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even know he was the frontman for the Dipsos."

The new version of WIATSWW?, which will be MADP's first label release, is expected March 06. But Philly-area readers can see them at the World Cafe Live on February 4. I really recommend that you check it out if at all possible: you won't regret it!


ntodd said...

Geesh, what is this, a powerpop blog? WHERE ARE THE BABIES?


refinnej said...

Now this is cool... MADP are really great live.