Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Earlier Than Usual Clue to the New Direction

Off to NYC for a mysterious assignation (again -- maybe it's not as mysterious as I think. Hmm.) Anyway, from 1979, here's power pop gods Cheap Trick with their immortal "I Want You to Want Me" [optional fan cutie edition].

Hello, Budokan!!!!!!!

As always, a coveted Powerpop No-Prize will be awarded to the first reader who divines the clip's relevance to tomorrow's Weekend Listomania.


Phildutra said...

Top live albums...or is that just too obvious?

TMink said...

Teenie booper songs that are great?

Chorus in search of a verse?

Nerd Rock bands that the chicks dig?

Big in Japan?


Anonymous said...

pretty young asian girls appearing in a rock video?
goofy looking lead guitarists?

Anonymous said...

lead singers that look like peter frampton ?????????? lol

NYMary said...

I'm with phildutra: great live albums, or live albums which exceed their studio counterparts.

CovetedNOPrizeWinnerWithOakLeafCluster said...

Easiest to deduce song titles?

steve simels said...

phildutra said...
Top live albums...or is that just too obvious?

Well, I hoped it wasn't, but apparently it was.

In any case, your coveted No-Prize is coming at you by sled yak as we speak.

Incidentally, there's actually a good reason for the category, which will be explained when the list goes up just the other side of midnight.

Phildutra said...

This is my second correct guess, although I can't remember the other one. Damn this aging brain!!!