Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Speechless. Truly.

Unfortunately, FOW's cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" does not appear to be on YouTube. Go figure.


MBowen said...

Yeah, the song becomes a lot more creepy sung by a 57-year-old man.

He's been playing it for a couple of years now.

Brooklyn Girl said...

One of the contestants on (please forgive me, but it was late summer and there was nothing else on) Rock Star:INXS also did a dark, creepy cover of it that was pretty good. Made me actually listen to the lyrics.

steve simels said...

That's actually been on my iPod for ages -- forget who sent it to me.

In any case, can we finally just admit that Thompson is the Greatest Living Englishman already?

steve simels said...
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TMink said...

I had heard OF this. Thanks to you Mary, I have now actually heard it.

He so rocks.


Anonymous said...

Taken from the 2006 DVD+CD release "1000 Years of Popular Music," which also includes covers of See My Friends, Friday On My Mind, and Tempted, for what it's worth.