Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flogging a Deceased Equine (An Occasional Series)

And speaking as we were yesterday of NYC punk rock wiseacres Iron Prostate -- and yes, they're best known for being the band Rolling Stone critic The Rev. Charles M. Young toiled in as bass player -- here's a 1992 track that may be their magnum opus.

He can't fingerpick because his hand's incomplete
He needs two drummers just to find the beat
His words are as solid as a cloud of smoke
If that guy is deep, then I'm the pope!
The picture sleeve above notwithstanding, I'm not completely sure if this was ever released as a vinyl 45; if memory serves, I had it on a cassette of various Iron Prostate demos. In any case, I thought it was screamingly funny back in the day, although of course that was before Jerry ascended. It's still good for a chuckle, though, particularly the chimes.

I should also add that it was produced by Jim Steinman. Yes, THAT Jim Steinman.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I always enjoyed reading the Reverend. Somewhere I've saved his 1977 Rolling Stone feature on the Sex Pistols, "Rock Is Sick and Living in London" which inspired me to cut off my hair, put a safety pin through my ear, and start a band (King James And The Bible Burners).

Anonymous said...

Here is the image of the back of the 45. It seems there were two versions.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that we had that 45 at my sadly departed Rekkid Store - one of the buyers was friends w. CMY. (And we actually had a PROMO POSTER, which I should have grabbed when we closed. - bill buckner

TMink said...

Wow, I really like that! "He plays guitar like diarehhea." I kinda miss the Black Sabbath feel when it gets more punk, but only for a moment.

My life is better for hearing this!


FD13NYC said...

Very amusing headbanging stuff. Now could we please get back to PowerPop music, my ears are yearning for it...after all.

geor3ge said...

"He needs two drummers just to find the beat."

Unfair, but hilarious.