Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Lion in Winter

You know, with all the milestones around here of late -- Mark Lindsay's birthday, the sad passing of Davy Jones, the Move at the Fillmore live album -- it occurred to me that we missed a big one.

To wit -- Lou Reed turned 70 last week.

I can think of two factors in our defense, of course.

1) Who the hell ever expected Lou would live that long?

2) Given the reviews of his recent collaboration with Metallica, one could be forgiven for assuming he was already dead. (Disclaimer: I actually haven't heard it, so who knows -- it could be a misunderstood masterpiece.)

But I kid the former Dostoyevsky of the New York demi-monde.

In any case, belated birthday good wishes to everybody's favorite nice Jewish boy turned bi-sexual junkie turned lucky bastard who's married to Laurie Anderson:

Gefilte Joe and the Fish and "Walk on the Kosher Side."

I should add that I have a pretty amusing story involving the STEREO REVIEW awards banquet/press party at which we attempted to fete Lou and his first solo album. But the weather is so enervating at the moment I think I should save it for another occasion.

Oy, it's so humid.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Lou is a complicated subject. On the one hand he's made classics such as "Do The Ostrich", but on the other there's that Metallica thing. Do not listen to "LULU", it could cause head injuries and brain damage. Drink a bottle of cough syrup and listen to "Metal Machine Music" instead.

steves said...

I never lurved Lou, but he sure is deep. And in this Age of Glorified Shallowness, that qualifies him for superstar status in my book.

steve simels said...

I have a soft spot for the old reprobate. Always have.

Jerry Lee said...

Hey Nudnick! Hilarious, I had to get a Jewish friend to explain most of it to me years ago. Baseball season's here, how about Rockin' Richie Ray?

steve simels said...

BTW, yes -- this was really pressed on vinyl in the shape of a Jewish star.

Steve MacDonald said...

Seventy is the new forty; it ain't nothing but a number. You'll be surprised at how many of us* live to be 100. For every Davy Jones who goes too soon there will be a David Bowie with a hit record launching a major tour at age 85.

Mark my words.

Oh, and Coney Island Baby has held up damn well.

* "us" being those who subscribed to Stereo Review.

TMink said...

I remember the first time I saw Laurie Anderson on tv in an interview. I was instantly smitten. Who knew she was this lovely, charming, pixie character!

Lucky guy indeed.