Monday, March 12, 2012

A Million Miles Away

Power pop gods The Plimsouls, featuring the great Peter Case, and a blistering live cover of Moby Grape's classic "Fall on You." From the just released Beach Town Confidential.

Hey, I always knew there was a reason I liked Case, and not just, as I've mentioned before, because he's turned himself into one of the most spell-binding folk/blues singer-songwriters around of late.

Still -- a Moby Grape cover? Nice call, guy.

Seriously, order Beach Town Confidential here immediately. I mean, like right away. It's already the best live rock album of 2012, and if it had been released back when it was actually recorded, in 1983, it would have been the best live rock album of that year too.


steve simels said...

Okay, now I'm starting to be irked.

cthulhu said...

Plus, they were in the movie Valley Girl! Along with a very young Nicolas Cage...

Helluva band; probably have to pick this one up.

Case has done at least a couple of songs with Tonio K. as well.

FD13NYC said...

Good band The Plimsouls. I downloaded this and I'm enjoying it. Good call Steve. Oh, by the way, no one mentioned that Ronnie Montrose died last week of prostate cancer. He was 64. Good guitarist. Another one gone, shame.

matthew said...

I saw The Plimsouls at least half a dozen times in various LA clubs back in those days. Never saw them give less than 100% and always left their shows walking two feet off the floor. That was one badass band: great songs, great players, and Case in front. This is the record that comes closest to capturing what made them great.

Seven Years of College Down the Drain said...

Just Amazoned this. My goodness. How it does rock.