Monday, February 17, 2014

A Doo-Wop President's Day!

From 1972, and their vastly underrated -- no kidding, it's a brilliant pop record -- The Night is Still Young LP...

...please enjoy Sha Na Na and their poignant ode to politics in your their own self-interest "The Vote Song."

(Subtitle: "Vote for Me.")

Produced by the legendary Jeff Barry, and written by SNN keyboard guy "Screamin'" Scott Simon.

The album wasn't on CD until last year; I have a very clean vinyl rip which I'll be happy to share, if anybody's interested, but I think I may just head over to Amazon and order the damn thing.


buzzbabyjesus said...

One night in 1980 I went to see Michael Des Barre at The Jefferson Bowl in Culver City where I ended up hanging out with Screamin' Scott, and Nikki Six(I knew Nikki as he worked at Gil Turner's liquor store across the street from the Whiskey). At the time I was playing bass in King James and the Bible Burners. The music we found in common was David Bowie, James Brown, and Gene Vincent. A doo wop dude, a glam metal guy, and a punk rocker finding common ground.

Billy B said...

On the concert poster, one of the opening bands is "Sweathog". The band was a one-hit wonder and the tune was "Hallelujah". Good tune. I posted it on FB last week.