Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Alas, No Rickenbacker Was Available

Honorary Floor Model and ace guitarist J. D. Goldberg in the studio last night, working on the 12-string part for our first "new" song in 30 years.

Doug nailed the part a few takes later (no cameras were running, however) and later in the session we started adding some very cool Pretender-ish electric six-string stuff. When this is finally done, which should be by August, then in the immortal words of Edith Prickley -- could be a hot one!

I should add that the title of this piece is my sad idea of a joke; the Gretch that Doug is playing sounds just fine.


Jai Guru Dave said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous! Never heard a Gretsch 12 before; but that man can certainly play it! Rock on.

steve simels said...

David Crosby used to play a Gretch 12 in the original Byrds. I think his was a little fancy schmancier looking. White, if memory serves.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the final version, it's gonna be killer!!!!

Capt. Al

Steves said...