Thursday, July 30, 2015

They're Gonna Put Me in the Movies

Barring some catastrophe, NYMary and I are going to be interviewed on camera next week for what is clearly going to be the greatest film in the history of world cinema.

You can find out more about it at the official website HERE.

Obviously, this is exciting news on a gazillion levels; we'll keep you posted as things shake out.

But in the meantime -- Michael fricking Chabon? I'm not worthy!!!!


Mark said...

Been following this Power Pop Movie project for some time, and can think of few more worthy and knowledgeable than you to be interviewed.

And I do hope that the "sometime in 2016" release date is a realistic goal.

Also in the works is a documentary film about one of my all-time faves, Elliott Murphy, The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy (see and whose trailer you can see at

Anonymous said...

Is that an official trailer? Who's responsible for that? It's pretty lame. Hopefully the actual movie is a lot better. Good luck with the interviews.


As for Elliott Murphy: Just when I thought I'd take a Hemmingway shot the F. Scott in me says man you better not ...

Mark said...

Elliott said, long ago, in "Sicily,"

Some say my songs are long and over complicated,
But they're very personal I say they're underrated.

Mr. Minimac said...

Not only Michael Chabon but SpongeBob as well! I was relieved to discover that this isn't a Kickstarter campaign considering the fact that my wallet is in no position to take a vacuuming right now. Lame trailer aside, this should be big fun.

Anonymous said...

yes that trailer is lame. If I never hear the term "chiming guitars" again. Even Greg Shaw wrote a screed about "ultra-brite smiles" etc concerning the 70's power pop boom, something he helped birth.

Good seeing Ron Flynt, brings to mind my recent discovery of the 20/20 demos on youtube. Their great music without the farting synths.

Justin Fielding said...

Yes, it is the official teaser trailer, and I'm the one responsible for it and any lameness therein.

As a teaser, it's meant to show that production is in gear (glimpses of notable interviewees), and it attempts to describe this little-known and debatably defined genre to the uninitiated (the text at the beginning).

Suggestions on better ways to describe power pop are most welcome, and they may come in handy as more substantive trailers are released closer to the film's completion.

As to how realistic a late 2016 release is...? Like many power pop records, this is mostly a "one man band" endeavor, and how quickly the terabytes of interviews coalesce and the licenses for soundtrack music, etc., come together is unknown just now. My plan is to continue adding interviews this calendar year, with postproduction to begin in earnest after the first of the year.

Anonymous said...

good luck, Justin. i'd say the music is pretty key unless you have interviews that tell people what they can't already learn from Wikipedia. I quit watching the Replacements doc after about 20 minutes because I was tired of (admittedly great) musician after musician talk about how "crazy" the Mats were.

Justin Fielding said...

Yes, music is an essential component of the film. There is no shortage of great power pop under artist/small label control, but the major label/major publisher stuff will be a challenge, most likely a win-some/lose-some challenge. I plan to emphasize the unsung stuff (though much of that was for big labels), but a few breakthrough hits will ideally appear in the film as well.

Mark said...

Good luck on the film, Justin. I for one look forward to the film, and realize that in-production trailers, whether sophisticated or otherwise, are not always a good predictor of finished products.

Justin Fielding said...

Funny thing is, up until now, feedback on the teaser trailer has been extremely enthusiastic. Not sure if this is a tougher crowd, or if it's being compared to the more detailed trailers that come out later in a film's lifecycle.

Brooklyn Girl in Queens said...


Take some of the comments here with a grain of salt. Personally, I'm psyched!

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