Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Friends of Mine Week! No, Seriously -- It's Friends of Mine Week! I Really Mean It This Time!

From a 2003 tribute to The Who, please enjoy Seattle legend Jim Basnight and an absolutely wonderful cover of "I Can See For Miles."

I've never actually met Jim, but he's been a Facebook friend for a while now, and I always loved his work.

In case you;ve never heard him before, among other things, he used to be the front man of two absolutely fabulous and influential New Wave/power pop bands called, respectively, The Moberlys and then The Rockinghams.

That being the case (and it is), you can -- and very definitely should -- order a retrospective of 25 years of his music...

...over at Amazon HERE.

You're welcome. Oh, and incidentally, Jim informs me that Pete Townshend was pleased by the cover of "Miles." Much cooler than that it does not get.

Tomorrow: More interesting music, but by someone I actually HAVE met.


mainuh said...

Hope this youtube link works -
Jim Basnight - I Can See For Miles


steve simels said...

Uh -- that's the same link I posted, isnt it?

mainuh said...

Sorry Steve,
the link did not show up on my tablet.
I tried,.. guess I'm just an old Kaypro guy... ;-)


steve simels said...

Hey -- I wrote this immortal masterpiece on a Kaypro.

Anonymous said...

Quite good but it just duplicates the original track the same way Rundgren does his cover versions on 'Faithful'.

A wonderful trick but I don't see the point. Put as much energy & creativity into either a different arrangement of the song or into an original song.

Captain Al

buzzbabyjesus said...

Captures the original better than anyone should.

Dave said...

Go Kaypro brothers-in-arms. Kaypro, the first "portable" computer.

Dave F, who also wrote a few books on a Kaypro and now has a bad back from lugging the "portable" computer.