Friday, May 05, 2017

Your Friday Moment of the Worst Song of All Time

I don't know why this one popped into my head this morning, although it's possible it has something to do with Satan.

I must admit, however, that I had forgotten that one of Liz Taylor's exes was responsible for it.

I should also add that at Casa Simels when I was growing up we used to refer to RCA platters as New Orthopedic recordings.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


mainuh said...

I hear ya'...Eddie Fisher.
Please consider this.
1964, the height of Beatlemania.
My parents give me this album which they think is hip.
Milan, the Leather Boy, I Am What I Am.

I give. you this - I Am A Leather Boy


Blue Ash Fan said...

Well, they certainly got the "dung" part right.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Winterhalter rocks. Who's the guitarist? Skilled, quick and no emotive spark. Suits the rest of this song. A heaping scoop of vanilla on white bread. Hard to believe Fisher could easily fuck twelve times a night based on this performance.