Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Deny Everything

New Procol Harum album is out; I must confess that it mostly leaves me cold -- i.e., it doesn't sound much like vintage PH -- but this track is really pretty and wouldn't have been out of place on one of their lesser mid-70s LPs.

Plus the title appeals to me for several obvious reasons.


Jail Guru Dave said...

Who is in the band at this point??

steve simels said...

Just Gary. And Keith Reid isn't doing lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Why use the name Procol Harum? This is a essentially a Brooker solo effort. I'm a fan of him and lyricist Pete Brown, but if this is the best track ...

Sometimes it's better to rest on one's laurels. Why degrade the brand.

Also, why isn't the Procol Harum of old in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame?


steve simels said...

Why aren't they in the HOF? You got me.

But I'm still scratching my head about why Warren Zevon isn't.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he was great with The Everly Brothers. Lyme & Cybelle were my faves:-)

Procol is more deserving. So are Love, the Dolls, Guess Who, Zombies, Steppenwolf, Crimson, Beefheart, Gram Parsons, MC5, Link Wray, Mitch Ryder, Mott the Hoople, Big Star, Roxy Music, Ry Cooder, Troggs, Pretty Things, T. Rex, Hawkwind, Fairport Convention, Soft Machine .... IMO Warren's got to get behind them and a few others in that line. Maybe he'll get inducted the same year as Grand Funk, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Three Dog Night, Neil Sedaka and The Monkees.


steve simels said...

Until Jann Wenner dies, the Monkees will never get in.

I rest my case,

Anonymous said...

Re: Monkees/Jann Wenner

Michael Stipe once said he would refuse his induction if R.E.M. made it into the HOF before the Monkees. Guess he changed his mind.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me how the Monkees are any more "manufactured" than the Supremes?

No writing, packaged, manufactured and mentored by a factory.

I love the Supremes, by the way, I just feel the Hall has very selective and inconsistent criteria.

And to get back on point, Procol Harum is a worthy admission. They were innovative, had terrific writing and real chops. The catalog (in the main) holds up very well.

What they never had was an image.

buzzbabyjesus said...

UGH! 10 seconds of those awful keyboards was all I could take. Nothing after that could possibly save it, especially given your lukewarm appraisal.