Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Gilbert and Sullivan Meet You Know Who

Oh god, words fail me.

I am the very model of a Very Stable Genius.
I have a mighty button and no problems with my penius.
I have no time for television, golf, or social media
Since my brain is way way better than the best encyclopedia.

I like to tweet the lies of racist grievances historical
When Russian ties are mentioned I deny them categorical
I do not feel the sting of words because I am avenious
I am the very model of a Very Stable Genius!

I throw the finest tantrums; I'm repetitive and furious
When CNN airs anything too screwy to be spurious
My crooked doctor tells me I'm a paragon of sanity
And if you don't believe him, you can always ask Sean Hannity...

My speeches are the best: I am the best at slurred meandering
Between extremes of bullying and sychophantic pandering:
If you're not counting Nero and forget who Mussolini is,
I never had an equal as a bigly #stable genius!


Anonymous said...

I don't mean this praise to seem excessive or extrenious (sic)
But whoever wrote these verses is a genius

You or someone else, Mr. Simels?

J. Lag

steve simels said...

It wasn’t me, and nobody seems. to know who.

But yes — genius.

Anonymous said...

Probably some frustrated Russian poet... :-)

J. Lag

Anonymous said...

...Or Colbert, Stephen Colbert.

J. Lag

J. Loslo said...

Appears to be a group effort, started by an amusing fellow named Bob:


pete said...

Big Yay!