Friday, May 04, 2018

I Can See For Miles

Friend of PowerPop (and me) Jonnie Miles has a riveting new music video.

If Jonnie's name is familiar, it may be because I've posted about him before -- specifically, from his days as the drummer of The Prostitutes, an absolutely classic New York City rock band whose I've described (accurately, as you'll hear) as a cross between The Doors and The Smithereens.

I'd forgotten Jonnie's other cool credit, though; he actually was in a band -- Albania -- with an album on Chiswick Records, the first British 70s indie label of note (they also had The Count Bishops, and cooler than that it does not get).

Here's their single -- a smash in Italy, I'm informed.

In any case, apart from being a wonderful musician, Jonnie's also a great photographer; you can (and should) check out his work over HERE.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Jonnie said...

Thank you, Steve - you are the best! Have a great weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

All three tracks are very different from each other and all three are very good!

Captain Al

Abhit Upadhayay said...
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