Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Silence of a Falling Star Lights Up a Purple Sky

I hadn't heard of either this kid...

...or this song...

As lonely as these days are long
As dark as the night bird’s song
This strange way of livin’
Has bled my heart dry
I'm lonesome
But too stoned to cry

My clothes are ragged and worn
I’m a sailor who's lost in the worst kind of storm
The water keeps rising
But I’m gettin’ by
I keep walking
But I’m too stoned to fly

There’s whiskey and wine
And pills for the pain
Fast easy women
And a little cocaine
Im walking the line
Between hell bent and high
I ain’t happy
Just too stoned to cry

I been livin’ from town to town
I always been lost, ain’t ever been found
They said Jesus could save me
But that was a lie
I keep tryin’
But I’m too stoned to die
I keep tryin’
But I’m too stoned to die

...until last Sunday.

But Jeebus H. Christ on a piece of challah toast, that is just great.

In fact, I was gonna say that it isn't just great, it's almost Hank Williams for the 21st Century great. But upon sober reflection I'm not gonna go that far.

Still -- what an amazing song.


buzzbabyjesus said...

It's darn good. Some nice word choices.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Ah, yes. Actual country music, not Nashville's version of Bon Jovi. Nice to hear.

Jim G said...

Tough to move me these days with just an acoustic guitar and voice (are you listening, Bruce?), but this is excellent. Lyrics are great and I'm curious: why did you back off the 21st century Hank comparison? I think its apt.

Dave F said...

It’s not a one-song fluke, either. Plenty of good stuff here: https://www.andrewcombsmusic.com/video/

Dave F