Wednesday, May 30, 2018

It's Australia Week Part III: Special No Thorns Included Edition

From 2011, please enjoyed the great antipodean progressive bluegrass ensemble Mustered Courage and their, shall we say, unexpected cover of "Kiss From a Rose."

Okay, that's not as good as yesterday's entry by those guys -- if truth be told, it's a little gimmicky -- but it's still good fun, and the song itself remains terrific.

Speaking of which -- did you know that the song's auteur, Seal, went to Juilliard?

It's true. And really unusual, in that you rarely see classically trained seals.


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Our Ozzie friend Pete adds:"The more I listen to Mustered Courage the more it reminds me of American band Hayseed Dixie. They started off as a band playing bluegrass versions of AC/DC (hence their pun name), and have now branched out to cover pretty much all hard rock songs."