Friday, May 18, 2018

How Old Am I? (An Occasional Series)

It has come to my attention that some of today's kids will be attending this shebang.

My point is that the only one of the performers advertised here I've ever heard of is Courtney Barnett. Who's actually pretty good, but still — it pains me that I’m so out of it.

I rather like the band name Cigarettes After Sex, however.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

[h/t wgg]

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Today We Are a CD

It's been 45 years in the making, but my 70s band, The Hounds, finally has a commercially available recording.

Okay, it's been 45 years since we first went into the studio to do demos. But the CD itself has only sort of been in the works for 10 years. These projects always take longer than you expect.

In any case, here's a representative track. As you can hear, we kinda liked The Byrds and Jefferson Airplane.

The physical CDs just went out to our distributor yesterday, so you won't be able to order copies -- including over at Amazon -- for another week or two; I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, the album is already available for streaming or download at iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and the rest of the usual suspects who pay shit royalties. Heh.

Seriously, I'm insufferably pleased with how well the project turned out. Hell, I'm sufferably pleased with the fact the original master tapes were still in playable condition.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Closed for Monkey Business

Had a long, and extremely productive, studio session last night. Adding an amazing guitar track to the latest Floor Models masterpiece.

Regular posting resumes on the morrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Girl Crazy! (Part Deux)

As promised, courtesy of Captain Al, here's that live version of "More LIke Them" by the irrepressible Lydia Loveless we discussed last week.

As I mentioned the other day, that derives from the vinyl-only soundtrack album for the Who Is Lydia Loveless? documentary film, which behooves beholding, obviously.

And may I just say, and for the record, that I suspect it might be fun to share an adult beverage or two with that young lady.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Your Monday Moment of Words Fail Me

From 2018, and his new album First Thing Tomorrow (produced by the great Andy Bopp, frontman/auteur of the transplendent Myracle Brah)...

...please enjoy power pop phenom Dave Sheinin and the fiendishly catchy lead-off track "Lies."

And who is Dave Sheinin, you may ask?

Well, I did too, and the answer blew my tiny mind. As he explains:

I have kind of a crazy backstory, as I'm a 48-year-old sports writer for The Washington Post, and this is my debut record. People are understandably skeptical, but for what it's worth, Absolute Power Pop last week called it "one of the year's best."

I agree with that review, BTW, and you can (and should) download Dave's entire album (which is delightful from stem to stern) OVER HERE as soon as possible.

BTW, Myracle Brah was one of the first bands NYMary turned me on to in preparation to giving me the metaphorical keys to the car at this here blog, and I've always been grateful. And if you're wondering why, check out this song, which slayed me then and still slays me now.

In any case -- Dave, you're our kind of guy, and if you're ever in the vicinity of Hackensack, NJ or Forest Hills, NY I would consider it an honor to shake your hand and buy you a glass of the adult beverage of your choice.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Girl Crazy!

From 2011, please enjoy the incomparable Lydia Loveless and her attractively Stones-ish "More Like Them."

I actually hadn't heard this until last Tuesday, when Friend of PowerPop Capt. Al played it on his intertube radio show in an absolutely astounding live version. Alas, that derives from the hard to get vinyl-only soundtrack to the must-see documentary Who Is Lydia Loveless?...

...but I have an in with the good Capt., and I'll see if I can con him into sharing an mp3 with me and post it here later.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Your Thursday Moment of Not Paul Weller

From 1968, please enjoy The Jam -- no, not them -- and their absolutely astounding power pop/garage rock should have been a classic "Something's Gone."

Who these guys were seems to have been lost in the mists of history, except that they were apparently from the Pacific Northwest somewhere. And, interestingly enough, this was the very first release on Sire Records (which is pretty cool).

In any case, had this been a hit I suspect the future of what we refer to as the popular music field might have been changed in totally unfathomable ways.

[h/t Herb S.]

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Closed for Monkey Business

Had a long, but very productive, evening in the studio yesterday, toiling on the instrumental track for the next Floor Models masterpiece.

Regular postings resume on the morrow.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Rudy and the Beast

Okay, I'm aware that the name of this blog is PowerPop, and not Pissed-Off-Lefty, but this version of the title song from a beloved Disney musical is a work of genius. (There's a few minutes of very funny interview footage before the song starts, BTW. Watch it all -- you'll thank me.)

I should add that apparently Francisco de Goya...

...anticipated Rudy by several hundred years.


At Last -- Somebody is Singing My Theme Song!

The irony is that this is actually terrific.

Now I can die happy if somebody else finally writes something called "Swear to God, I'm Gonna Take a Hostage."

[h/t dmark]