Friday, May 27, 2022

Given the Tragic Events in Buffalo and Texas, I've Got Nothing Appropriate to Post This Weekend

Have as good a Memorial Day as you can under the circumstances, everybody.

With luck, regular musical stuff resumes on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The French They Are a Funny Race. They Fight With Their Feet and They....Well, You Know.

From sometime in the mid-Swinging 60s, please enjoy Ye-Ye girls Eileen and their charmingly Gallic cover of the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood S&M classic "These Boots Are Made For Walking."

I can find no information about these babes whatsoever, but whoever they were and whoever produced that record they're alright with me.

For les raisons évidentes.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Separated at Birth?

Roger Corman/American International Poe film icon Vincent Price...

...and Nobel Prize winning voice of a generation and this week's 81st birthday boy (May 24th) Bob Dylan.

Come to think of it, if I recall correctly, they co-starred in the 60s drive-in classic The Fall of the House of Gary Usher.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Your Tuesday Moment of "And Speaking of Gorgeous"

From his brand new 2022 album Harry's House, (released just last Friday, actually), please enjoy former boy band behemoth Harry Styles and his lovely (and 70s singer/songwriter influenced) ballad "Matilda."

Seriously, that's a really pretty record. I gotta say, to my delighted surprise, that this Styles kid is really talented.

Who knew?

Friday, May 20, 2022

Got Live if You Want It. Finally!!!


Dig a club version of Chuck Berry's "Around and Around." The studio version of which originally opened The Rolling Stones' 1964 12 X 5.

And (originally) from their It's Only Rock 'n' Roll album in 1974, please enjoy a killer live take on Jagger/Richards' oh so cool, catchy and funny reggage-influenced "Luxury."

Okay, the backstory in case you've missed it

In 1977, the Stones put out a double LP in-concert album called Love You Live...

...that pretty much nobody (including me) liked; most of it was recorded in arenas, with lousy sound, the Andy Warhol cover art was lazily tossed-off crap, and the performances were way less than stellar.

LP side three, however, derived from a small club show the Stones had done in Toronto as a warm up for the tour that produced the other sides of dreck, and that club stuff was fricking amazing. And for years, people have been pining for an official release of that whole intimate show.

Et voila! The two tracks above, which derive from said intimate show, and are now from the Stones' new-found (and previously unreleased) masterpiece Live at the El Mocambo 1977.

I should add that said artifact is now one of my two favorite Stones live albums of all time, and -- even more impressively -- one of my four favorite live albums of all time by anybody. (I leave it to you to guess what the other two are).

Have I said wow? Okay -- wow!!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Tales of the Great Replacement Theory

From 1984, please enjoy the greatest band ever out of Minneapolis -- AKA The Replacements -- and their sensational cover of The Grass Roots' "Temptation Eyes."

Okay, I'm going to hell for that joke.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Karma is a Bitch

Anti-vaxx shithead Eric Clapton has Covid.

This clip seemed appropriate somehow.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Songs the Proprietor of My Groovy Local CD Store Turned Me On To (An Occasional Feature)

From their 1996 album Hourly, Daily, please enjoy second greatest (after The Easybeats) Australian rock band You Am I, and their power pop masterpiece "Mr. Milk".

The short version: Sometime after that song was released, I happened to wander into NYCD, the fabulous record emporium on Manhattan's Upper West Side that I lived a few blocks away from. The above song was playing on the store sound system at the time, and I had no idea what it was or who had done it and it flipped me fucking out. (I mean -- is that 12-string riff the coolest or what?)

Fortunately, friend of PowerPop and proprietor of the invaluable Burning Wood blog Sal Nunziato was behind the counter at the time, and was able to provide me with the track's backstory.

Bottom line: Thanks, Sal!

Monday, May 16, 2022

As My Dad Used to Say, People Are No Damn Good and They Never Will Be

The news of the world this weekend has been too dispiriting for me to do any work whatsover.

Regular upbeat music posting resumes tomorrow. Honest Native American.