Saturday, May 07, 2005

Belated Babyblogging

Rosie crawls as fast as she can away from the laundry (and toward the edge of the bed... eek!). Posted by Hello


refinnej said...

There's my Rosie Boo!!
So BIG!!

ntodd said...

Crawling away from laundry: excellent instinct.

Crawling toward the abyss: not so good.

refinnej said...

What's that blue thing she is about to crawl over?

Charlotte Smith said...

She is so gosh-darn cute I can't stand it.

BTW, happy early Mother's Day! You & the other moms at Atrios are a real inspiration, and you are raising some beautiful, intelligent citizens. You should all be proud. Have a great weekend!!

NYMary said...

NTodd, no, I want to train my children to crawl *toward* the laundry, thus creating a race of laundry-doing minions who will render my own laundry-doing unnecessary. Problem is, they keep crawling away from the laundry, and I've lost Rosie models 1-4 to the abyss already. Well, we'll keep working on it!

That is some sort of nerf product, possibly a missile, belonging to her brother. Careful study will also reveal a baseball (under her left hip) and other weird little toys. We tend to throw her on the bed with a few toys and try and get something done.

refinnej said...

I like the goo trail..

watertiger said...

Mom! Mom! Look what I left in the laundry basket!