Monday, May 23, 2005

Wow! I Never Would Have Thought...

that I'd get to link to someone as cool as James Wolcott! But check this out!
On June 25th, Patti Smith will perform "Horses" in its entirety at the Meltdown Festival in London's South Bank Centre. It's the 30th anniversary of her LP debut, and all I can say is, time do fly.

What makes the event even more eventful is that her backup band will include Tom Verlaine and John Cale. I'm certain it will be a more subdued Cale than the one who toured with Patti and played guest-star bass on the "My Generation" encore and had, shall we say, his wayward moments, as when he tried to poke out a stage light with the neck of his bass, missed, the momentum hurling him off stage, where he crashed on top of a ringside table. He had to be carried backstage by Patti's band like a fallen warrior or an injured rugby star. Had he connected with that stage light, he might have electrocuted himself.

Now we know that one of our resident rock critics loves, loves, LOVES Patti Smith, and she certainly rides the line between rock and punk and pop that I find so fascinating. But this looks like a seriously cool concert, and if I were less of a responsible, respectable adult, I'd probably max out a credit card to go.

Good on you, Patti!

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Vicki said...

Nice post, NYMary! Quite exciting!

I'd max out a credit card to go see Patti Smith, too, but it wouldn't be prudent under the shrubbery economy.