Tuesday, May 10, 2005


In which NYMary shamelessly steals a rhetorical technique from V., because it's cool.

I am, indeed, speechless. It seems some version of the book I want to write is, in fact, in progress. Of course I will buy it and read it. And write my own book, too.

Actually, I'm glad that attention is being paid to this genre. As you know, I think it's sorely ignored. And I think I bring something different than Borack.

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Eli said...

I wonder if Borack manages to combine all of the most endearing characterists of both Brak *and* Zorak.

Don't forget to buy and read your own book - I mean, it's not like your responsibilities end when you finish writing it.

Plus you also have to let me know so *I* can buy a copy and read it.