Thursday, May 18, 2006

Arthur Lee Ill

This just in from Rhino Records:

Arthur Lee, leader of the seminal '60s group Love, has recently been
diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. The band, particularly its
1967 masterpiece Forever Changes, has earned many famous fans over the
years, and now some of them are joining forces to help Arthur - who,
like far too many musicians, lacks health insurance. A benefit concert
has been scheduled for June 23 at New York City's Beacon Theater with
such performers as Robert Plant, David Johansen, Ian Hunter, Yo La
Tengo, Garland Jeffreys, and others, with a hometown show in the
planning stages for Los Angeles. For more information or to contribute
directly toward Arthur's medical expenses, go to

There's also a benefit in DUblin, and the LA one has a date now.
(Steve L, you want to carpool to The Beacon on 6/23?)

(hat tip to dave™© at Eschaton)

On a happier note, some good tunes streaming here.


--mf said...

Thank You, NYMary!

We're now within 400 vists of hitting 1 Million!

I'll add you to our thank you list!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of Arthur Lee. First Syd Barrett, and now his tempestuous transatlantic twin. I know Interstellar Overdrive was Syd's attempt to nick the riff from Can't Explain and then they both depart in a month, weird. I have posted a mini trib on my blog at if you want to leave a comment