Friday, May 05, 2006

Mid-Atlantic Pop Fans, Take Note!

This weekend is the annual Dewey Beach Popfest in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Lots of familiar names on this list, but I especially recommend The Churchills and The Dipsomaniacs, as well as perennial PowerPop faves Milton and the Devils Party.

MDP have been going through some lineup changes (new drummer who, I'm told, is more aggressive and gives them more of an edge) and have remastered What Is All this Sweet Work Worth?, their debut CD. The mood of the new WIATSWW is different, harder, more like the energy of their live performances, plus a few new tunes. They've been getting a bunch of college radio play as well. Definitely check them out Saturday at 9.

Plus, the dependably cool Kid Charlemagne will be in attendance. (I've seen him outgeek simels, and that's hard to do!)

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