Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Company They Keep

Superchunk to endorse Obama, or at least play a few concerts with Arcade Fire in NC.


steve simels said...

A band I confess I had never listened to until today -- that "Hyper Enough" song is really snappy -- as part of my plan to continually discover bands that everybody else knows at least a decade after the fact.

Coming up: Pavement!!!!!

David Rasmussen said...

I had never seen "Golden Smog" until an Obama rally, though I recognized the lead singer from his previous bar band.

I do not approve of Mellencamp playing all the rallies, though I guess he plays for both Obama and Hill-Rod.

To quote Randy Newman quoting Bruce Springsteen, "Rand, I'm tired. Why don't you be the boss for awhile."