Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Present Day Hitter Chick Refuses to Die

I don't know why this one strikes me as so odd, but it does. From 1968, it's born-and-bred-in-Brooklyn sirens Reparata and the Delrons and their only-in-England smash hit "Captain of Your Ship."

Seriously -- how the hell a pre-Beatles style girl group song like that found a hipster Brit audience in that most quintessentially psychedelic of years is a mystery that may never be solved. "It's hard to believe it ever happened," Reparata (AKA Mary Aiese, and now a retired schoolteacher in Rockaway Beach) told MOJO magazine this month. "Being in England was like a snippet of Alice in Wonderland, like falling into a hole."

Need I add that the Delron in the middle, the one with the great bangs, could have had me if she'd played her cards right?


Anonymous said...

It has a slight Ska beat, could that have anything to do with it becoming a hit?

Or maybe the record company promo men had some great blow to share with the club and radio DJs.


steve simels said...

It's not a bad song, just a little out of time.