Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sign O' the Times

From today's Arts and Leisure section:

While the spotlights were firmly trained Monday on Jay Leno, his NBC late-night colleague-in-training Jimmy Fallon was busy making news of his own. In the first installment of his official video blog, Mr. Fallon, the former Saturday Night Live star, announced he would take over hosting duties of NBC’s Late Night franchise on March 2. He also confirmed the rumor that the hip-hop group The Roots would be the house band for his new show, introducing them on his blog as “the greatest band in late night.”

I actually like those guys, and I'm betting this is a very smart choice on Fallon's part.

Your thoughts?


Kid Charlemagne said...

Yes. Unfortunately, the show will still be hosted by Fallon.

steve simels said...

I myself was hoping for Rob Schneider.

Anonymous said...

agree with kid charlemagne --fallon is boring -- and now leno is on at 10p ..for sure people will nod out before 1135p

Anonymous said...

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TMink said...

I just do not get that type of music. I really enjoy toasting in Reggae music, which is somewhat similar, and I am glad to see the guys playing instruments, but this stuff leaves me blah.