Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stealing Material From the World

So you may have heard that Thinking Man's Guitar Hero Joe Satriani sued World's Most Irksome Band Coldplay last week, claiming that their execrable world-wide hit "Viva La Vida" was ripped off from his earlier "If I Could Fly." As reported in Wednesday's New York Times, Coldplay is toughing it out, claiming that the resemblance is "entirely coincidental," but since it's Coldplay, nobody believes a fricking word they say for a minute.

In any case, here's a mashup of the two tunes so you can decide for yourself.

Okay, obviously they're the same song, but whether it's coincidence or (as I'd like to think) a deliberate and arrogant rip-off, Coldplay are being really stupid about this -- just pay the two dollars, assholes. Or else ask Brian Wilson and George Harrison how these things work.

It may also be worth recalling that back in 1997, as the Rolling Stones were readying their Bridges to Babylon album, that somebody -- Keith Richards daughter, I think -- pointed out to the Stones that the chorus from the album's forthcoming debut single, "Anybody Seen My Baby" --

-- sounded kind of a bit like the chorus from KD Lang's 1992 vastly superior "Constant Craving."

Mick and Keith's immediate and sensible reaction was to give Lang and her co-writer Ben Mink co-billing on the song, and consequently no lawyers were enriched or reputations besmirched. There's a lesson in there, but I doubt that the insufferable Chris Martin will learn it in time.

And by the way, yes, that's Angelina Jolie in the Stones video. I think she worked cheaper in those days.


Anonymous said...

chris martin looks like a spider monkey ..

Anonymous said...

The most curious thing I have on this, is that there is an additional mash up that has a French pop song that pre-dates Joe Satriani (alizee).
Same chord progression. I agree, Chris Martin needs to be gracious and give other their due. I suspect w/ Satriani it is 50% money and 50% the insult of not being given recognition.

Anonymous said...

If it were any band other than Coldplay, I'd say it was in all likelihood a coincidence.

The saddest part, though, is that none of us will get to see or hear the self-righteous hissy fit Martin is undoubtedly throwing.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the same chord progression?

Good grief, it's for all intents and purposes a sample!

I hope Satriani sues them into the cold streets of January Edmonton.

Amazing how much more intelligent Richards and Sir Mick are about all this.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to add that, if it were up to me, Angelina Jolie would be in all music videos.

bford said...

Just found your blog! Very interesting!

That melody is identical... hard to believe it is a coincidence.

Linked over here from absolutepowerpop. Keep up the good work.

Bryan Ford
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