Monday, April 30, 2012

Child is Father to the Man

From perhaps the rarest of all surf music/pop culture documentaries (One Man's Challenge, 1962) here are the aforementioned Beach Boys and the aforementioned "Surfin' Safari." You'll note that's David Marks on guitar, toiling then as he is now on the reunion tour. Now there's a guy with an interesting and largely unheralded life story.


MJConroy said...

Read all about it:

buzzbabyjesus said...

Way cool. Brian is so tall and thin I couldn't identify him until that shot of him with David and Carl.
Mike was a dick back then, too, but there's one thing he's done I admire. He decked Murry Wilson, who was the biggest dick of the sad saga of the Beach Boys.

Anonymous said...

They're such babies in the video!

I really don't know what to make of this new live tour and upcoming album or if I should let it filter into my feelings about the Beach Boys.

Also, they've been touring with support musicians since at least the Sunflower era if not earlier.


Brooklyn Girl said...

Dennis' kit is only three drums?

Anonymous said...

"Heroes and Villains" book from the 80's had some great David Marks stories like on their early 60's tour when he and Dennis painted their dicks green, hung them out and lounged around the hotel lobby.

Murry was afraid they really would turn green as a syphilis scare signaled the end of Marks' days under the Murry regime.

senormedia said...

What kids!

(in contrast to the not-kids I saw last week in Raleigh...)

Don't be afraid of the current tour - it's very good. A lot of the heavy lifting is (discretely) done by the backing band, all of the guys sound pretty good considering age, etc., and David rips it up on surf guitar.

I met everyone except Brian, who was whisked away to the bus immediately, and they were all remarkably nice and interested in conversation. Al especially went out of his way to go out front to the crowd and sign and chat with fans.

I've got a few grainy videos at