Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Can See For Miles a Couple of Feet If I'm Lucky

Going into the city today for a wee medical, uh, procedure, so posting will be pretty meh for the rest of the week.

In any case, in honor of -- and as a clue to -- said procedure, please enjoy authentic Who wannabes The Eyes and their minor freakbeat/mod classic "My Degeneration."

You're welcome.

Also: If something should go wrong, I would like to be cremated and have my ashes spread over Barry Manilow.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Is it corrective, cataract or glaucoma? Is it an outpatient thing?

I'm sure everything will be alright. Don't worry.

I've always nicknamed Barry Manilow, "Barely Man-Enough."

Enjoy the anesthesia.

I've got a sudden urge to play "Eyesight to the Blind," the Mose Allison version.

Or maybe "Harvester of Eyes," followed by "I'd Rather Go Blind.":-)

Vickie Rock

Gummo said...

Good luck, hope it goes quickly and smoothly, and I'll have some virtual chicken soup waiting for you!

steve simels said...

Apparently the drug to make me goofy during the procedure is highly regarded by those who've had it.

steve simels said...

Anyway, if all goes well, I'll be in Brooklyn playing with the incomparable Eddie ("Big Foot") Griffin-Cohen by the early evening.

I will be wearing a pirate eye-patch for a couple of days, though, so there may be a lot of "aaarrrggghhh"-ing in my future posts.

Tom Bodett said...

"We'll turn the light down for ya."

Brooklyn Girl said...

I can see an Instant List-O-Mania in your future --- songs with "eyes" or "sight" mentioned either in the title or the lyrics. You won't even have to do it yourself! :-)