Tuesday, July 02, 2013

They Also Serve Who Stand and Play

And speaking, as we were (often) of Waddy Wachtel for the last couple of weeks -- here's a film project that should be really interesting. If it gets off the proverbial ground, of course.

I should add that there's a Kickstarter page for the project, and if you want to be a patron of the arts, you could do worse than go over there and lay some disposable coin on them.

I'll be checking in on this till the cut-off date (July 24), so I'll keep you posted.


FD13NYC said...

This sounds very interesting. Always loved Waddy's guitar contributions for many artists over these long years. I think I could peel off some scratch for this project.

cthulhu said...

Just finished reading Crystal Zevon's biography of her ex-husband Warren Zevon, in which WW figures prominently; hope this project gets made, should be interesting.

FWIW, I do recommend the Zevon biography to anybody who liked his music and wants to know more, but be warned: per WZ's wishes, it's very much a warts-and-all work, and some of the warts are real doozies...ultimately something of a Greek tragedy.

steve simels said...

Zevon slept with his mother and plucked his own eyes out?

Brooklyn Girl said...

Zevon and Carl Hiaasen were good friends --- Zevon collaborated on "Basket Case." Hiaasen is one of the few authors who can make me laugh out loud.

And I will be throwing a couple of bucks into the pot.

Mr. Minimac said...

Hmmm? The Kickstarter page indicates that one of the sidemen interviewed is the great Phil Jones. I'll double my pledge if they can get him to wax eloquently on the topic of Crabby Appleton!

MJConroy said...

There is a 2nd clip up featuring Phil Jones and clips of Crabby Appleton. With that, they got my pledge!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to talk to a couple of my friends about this. There is no doubt in my mind that this film will be made. I'm gonna make sure of that. There is plenty of money and interest in this vicinity. It's a disgrace that only 8 grand has been raised thus far. This will change and soon.

I love films of this nature. We need a lot more of them. I'd love to see more recording studios, producers and engineers immortalized as well.

A guy named Richie Podolor wore every one of those hats. Sideman, session man, solo artist, engineer, producer and studio owner. His brain should be picked.

The Wrecking Crew and Sound City were glorious efforts. We need more stuff like that. This film will get off the ground.

Vickie Rock