Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thank You, Flying Spaghetti Monster

Well, it came down to the wire, but the movie is a go.

I'd like to think it was my fifty bucks that put it over the top, but probably not.


Anonymous said...

Your contribution and your blog brought out the anonymous Pastafarian one percenters. You really must try my chicken alfredo.

Even so, some well-known fraidy cats couldn't be coaxed to contribute due to unsavory rumors surrounding our hero. It makes me feel like naming names, but...I'm not gonna do that. Yet.

I never doubted the project's funding. Hope there's lots of stuff about Twice Nicely and Waddy's love of barely nubile Sunset Strip club girls and hitch hikers. But probably not. Ah, Laurel Canyon used to be so legendary and relaxed. It was a lie, but one lots of people chose to believe. For awhile.

Does anyone know if Arthur, the door man at the Whisky is still alive. That guy could tell some amazing stories if he is. Doubt if a film will get funded on him. But he saw a lot of stuff go down.

But I digress. Was Waddy touring with the Everly Brothers when they broke up on stage at Knott's Berry Farm? Man do those guys hate each other, even now.

Speaking of on stage flare ups, I saw Shelby Lynne bust an acoustic guitar over one of her band members head during a gig. I guess he wasn't playing the way she liked.

And then I've seen Arthur Lee have several drug meltdowns on stage. The worst was at, you guessed it, The Coach House. After he opened the show with a very erratic and boring 18 minute version of "Signed D.C.," he passively sat on the stage. He did nothing while the band tried to salvage the gig. Amazingly, people stayed. Between songs crowd members would yell out and beg "Come on Arthur, you can do it."

Before his big 'comeback" Royce Hall, UCLA show, he OD'd on something. I arrived at the venue when the ambulance drove up. They revived him and made him play. It wasn't good at all. It angered me when he got standing ovations and positive reviews. It wasn't good at all. I left after four songs. It was tragic. He was sucking and the crowd was bowing down to him. I hate shit like that. I went to the Apple Pan and got a burger and shared the lousy experience with some guy who said he wrote for TV.

I always took a gamble when seeing Arthur Lee live, but when he was good it was really great! But it was a 50-50 proposition or worse.

But man do I digress. Should be a great film. I hope they don't skip over the early years. That happens frequently in these kinds of projects. And, for me, the beginning of people's careers is what I find the most interesting and revealing. The rest of the shit is known pretty well by the type of people who would view the film.

Vickie Rock

buzzbabyjesus said...

Here's Waddy playing on Bill Cowsill's first solo album "Nervous Breakthrough" (1971).