Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Present Day Garage Rocker Refuses to Die (An Occasional Series)

So the other night -- at the big Shoes/Paul Collins show in Brooklyn, and more about that transplendent event later in the week -- the deejay played a killer cover of Buddy Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" that I assumed was an obscure early New Wave version from the late 70s/early 80s.

Turns out it was a 1970 version by a long running Michigan band I'd never heard of called The Kingtones.

Jeebus, that's good, and I should add that it sounds even better when played -- from vinyl -- at high volume over a rock club sound system.

I should also add that I searched for it, in vain, on the web, only to discover that a dear old friend of mine had an mp3 in her personal collection. I have very hip old friends, is what I'm saying. I should also also add that another friend actually saw the Kingtones back in the day, and she assures me they were great live.

You can find out more about them -- and listen to samples of some of their other records -- over at their official website HERE.

They still perform, apparently, so if you're in the Grand Rapids area...

[h/t Joy]


Shriner said...

So, you get Dwight Twilley, The Shoes, Pezband and Paul Collins...

And we get the Kingtones...

Life is just not fair in the fly-over states, apparently.

But at least we have all the fresh water..

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

Pretty kewel. Band is tight in its understated way. Love the fuzz-distortion on the guitar that kicks in at :35. The sound of it reminds me of the Springfield from a few years before.

Has Richie Furay ever covered Buddy Holly? Seems like a good match.

But I really want to hear about the Shoes / Paul Collins show. Come On Now Steve. Please don't keep-a me waiting. Stop teasin'.

Vickie Rock

الواحات للسياحة said...

i said it is good idea

Anonymous said...

then there's Colorado surf/frat band the Astronauts' take


Anonymous said...

cool. Sound to me like Tommy James