Friday, May 09, 2014

This Weekend in Brooklyn

Hey there, you beautiful people!  Long time no see!  Not for any interesting reason, just that work is being kind of a monster.

But I'm taking an end-of-the-semester breather this weekend to go and see the Brooklyn Power Pop Festival at the Bell House in Park Slope.

Tonight, I'm going to do my level best to catch the incomparable Dwight Twilley and Midwest stalwarts Pezband. Twilley, of course, has been setting the house on fire for going on 40 years, and Pezband were one of those lost gems identified by two of the greatest talent scouts of the 1970s: Greg Shaw and Ira Robbins.

(That's Susan Cowsill singing backup, I'm fairly sure)

Then tomorrow night, I'll be in the house, selling copies of Boys Don't Lie and enjoying the performance of some of my lifelong favorite performers, Shoes and Paul Collins.

(That's "Head vs. Heart" off Ignition: what a terrific record.)

And here's one from The Beat's definitive 1979 album:

This whole  thing has been gotten up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Trouser Press, still America's best British rock magazine.

I'll be there, simels will be there.  Other, cooler people will be there. You should be there!  And find us to say hi!


steve simels said...

I am so stoked for Saturday.

Shriner said...

Why, oh why, do these tours not hit Michigan?

I am exceedingly jealous...

danny1959 said...

@Mary: I finished and thoroughly enjoyed your book on Kindle. I had to break out all of my old Shoes vinyl!

Jai Guru Dave said...

I don't know the Shoes from the shoes I'm wearing; but "Head vs. Heart" is just about a perfect record, IMHO.

Mr. Minimac said...

Yes to Susan Cowsill on background vocals but also a tip of the hat to John Cowsill on drums (I think).

And, while I plead guilty to being late to the party and preaching to the choir, Ignition is pretty fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

re Pezband: On "Baby It's Cold Outside" I always thought the Clarence Clemmons sax solo was grafted on as an afterthought,just kind of comes out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Give us reports of the shows.

Allan R.