Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dave Grohl: Living Saint (An Occasional Series)

The Foo Fighters (on the Jimmy Fallon show) and "I am a River," the concluding track from Sonic Highways.

And here's the actual album version.

Just binge-watched the complete Sonic Highways documentary series and finally listened to the CD. Short version: Both doc(s) and album are inconsistent -- and "River" is not without its flaws, either, which is to say it's admittedly a tad earnest and a little contrived -- but overall they're both freaking tremendous. And when Tony Visconti's string arrangement kicks in at the end of "River," frankly I'm a goner.


Mark said...

Steve - Do you see comments that are posted to older posts? You don't seem to respond to comments on posts that aren't the latest (like the Mark Johnson post), so I'm not sure if you see them.

Anonymous said...

Not a huge Foo Fighter fan, but I dig the love and respect Grohl etc. have for the history of rock. Guess I like him and Taylor Hawkins a lot just for being huge and enthusiastic fans of music. And catalysts too.

I sold Taylor some Queen memorabilia about a decade ago. I also put him on to some other people who might have what he was looking for. That's how he found me. Of course, he didn't know what he was looking for until he laid his feasting eyes on it. Super nice guy with absolutely no smug rock star attitude. Say what you will about Queen, Roger Taylor is a motherfucker .... and he can sing while he's doing some crazy ass shit on the kit. I can see why Taylor idolizes him.