Thursday, June 04, 2015

Letter From Liverpool Test Pressing

Spent Tuesday evening in the studio working on the first "new" Floor Models song in decades with some old bandmates, including one I hadn't seen in over twenty years.

This is a very rough mix of our first go at adding a 12-string part; we're going to redo it in a couple of weeks, and add some other guitar stuff to finish it. But I thought you might get a kick out of hearing the work in progress.

You know -- I don't care how fucked up the world is at the moment; for the couple of hours the three of us were together in that dank basement, all was right.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Playing music with good peeps makes me want to quote Lou Reed: "There are problems in this world, but WHEEEEE! None of them are mine!"

steve simels said...

I'd forgotten that line. He sure could turn a phrase, couldn't he.

Anonymous said...

Cool "Ticket To Ride" style drumming on the intro and outro. Rhythm section is tight but loose.

I dunno why, but listening to it now evokes memories of cruising around on my brand new Sting-Ray bicycle in the Summer of 1963. A transistor was fastened to the ape hangers and was tuned to KRLA. With my Hobie skateboard strapped to the sissy bar, I was the tom-boy of the hood. Me and a bunch of guys were in our swimsuits and heading for the local plunge. The Beatles "From Me To You" came on our synchronized radios and we were laughing and singing along.

"I got arms that long to hold you
And keep you by my side
I got lips that long to kiss you
And keep you satisfied, oooh

If there's anything that you want
If there's anything I can do
Just call on me and I'll send it along
With love from me to you"

Memories so real and vivid that they transcend time. Everything is the now.

Your "Letter from Liverpool" has a kinship with many songs. A cousin of which might be Dreams So Real's "Bearing Witness."


steve simels said...

VR -- thanks for the kind words. I was hoping it might strike people as evocative, even in this unfinished state.

In any case, no matter how it ultimately turns out, the project was worth it for me in getting a chance to work with two old friends after all these years.

Mark said...

Nice. Clean. Look forward to hearing it again as it moves to completion.

Dave said...

This is the third or fourth iteration of "Letter from Liverpool" I've heard, and I swear I like every one of them. Great stuff.

Dave F.