Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fuck Jann Wenner -- It's Monkees Week Part Deux!!!

Ahem. As you may have heard, The Monkees -- a/k/a the Prefab Four (or was that The Rutles? Whatever.) -- have a delightful new album out, produced by Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne (and have I mentioned that Adam Schlesinger is a goddamn genius?).

That being the case, we continue our week-long celebration of all-things Monkees with, from 1966 (and an episode of their epochal/eponymous TV show) the original version of Mike Nesmith's classic folk-rocker "You Just May Be the One."

And now, because I love you all more than food, here -- in glorious stereo -- is Nesmith in the studio producing the song; you hear in-the-booth chatter, then the more or less complete backing track, and, finally, the finished song in a slightly different mix than the one above.

And finally, from 1995, please enjoy if at all possible, Gerry Devine and the Hi-Beams (featuring a bass player whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels) and a live version of the song recorded at the CD release party for our soon-to-be-reissued (with bonus tracks) indie album Fire Lane.

The sound could be better, but as you can hear I pretty much nailed the bass part, and kudos are also due our lead guitar player, J.D. Goldberg, who contributes a nifty solo that's not on the original record. The venue was Tommy Makem's Irish Pavillion, a fabulous but alas now departed Manhattan pub that showcased a lot of really terrific music over the years. And yes, that's Tommy Makem as in The Clancy Brothers and.

Bottom line: It's a great fucking song. Incidentally, I once met Mike Nesmith (at a press party for the release of his Elephant Parts video) and as I shook his hand I told him I was in a band that did a cover of it. He grinned from ear to ear, which was one of the great thrills of my adult life.

Oh, by the way -- have I mentioned fuck Jann Wenner?

Tomorrow: Peter Tork meets Carole King, and then they go off to breakfast at the Chateau Marmont.


Shriner said...

A great song by any standards. The bass riff drives it. It's a fun song to play live. Back in my bass-playing days, a couple friends of mine brought out their acoustic guitars and YJMBTO made it's way into their set. I picked up the bass and went into the pocket. The riff brought huge smiles on their faces when it was combined as it's something you only hear in your head if it's not actually present.

steve simels said...

Exactly so. We always had enormous fun doing it....

Anonymous said...

Mike fucks up the song's title when he does the intro for the TV show. The original version is definitely better than the HQ version. Don't much care for this mix, though. Despite the bass riff, the song has sort of a stiff awkward feel. Nesmith's lyric phrasing was often idiosyncratic. It marches instead of swingin'. I'll take "Mary, Mary", which should have been a single. It swings and is a natural dancer.

The unfinished (?) "I Don't Think You Know Me" with Mike on vox had real potential. If it had a lyric chorus and ringing Rick it could have been a contender. It would sound great if Petty covered it. But it's never gonna happen.


pete said...

And the #1 "manufactured" group of the '60s?

Wait for it.

Peter, Paul & Mary.

Sorry, folkies....

Anonymous said...

You mean the "If I Had a Hammer and a Sickle" guys?:-) The Hipster Sandwich? Two goatees and a pair of tits?

Good call.

Me, I'd go with the Carrie Nations, but mainly for their fashion sense. I went for Cynthia's look, only with Dolly's boobs.

Speaking of fashion sense and bringing it back to the Monkees, I noticed that many guys at my school started wearing large round belt buckles and positioning them off to the side circa 1966-7. Some cooler stores were also selling the 8 button Monkee styled shirts. But the J.C. Penney Monkees line was largely considered uncool in these parts and the subject of ridicule when worn on campus.


Fechangku Chen said...
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Allan Rosenberg said...

Very good song, so-so rendition by The PreFab Four. Hi-Beams version is superior.

Fuck you Jann Weiner!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

are we really going to forget the Partridge Family and the New Seekers?

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