Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Your Tuesday Moment of Words Fail Me: Special The Fat Man Meets Mr. Tambourine Man Edition

From 1969, please enjoy the latter day incarnation of The Byrds backing...Fats Domino?

Say what?

That's the late great Clarence White on lead guitar, of course.

BTW, I have no idea how that particular mash-up came to be, but I'm guessing it may have had something to do with the career resurgence Fats underwent after his brilliant Richard Perry produced 1968 album Fats is Back.

I will stipulate, of course, that this is one of those dancing bear kinda deals -- you're not impressed by how well it's done, but rather that it's been done at all.

Still, in any case, just when you think you've seen everything...

[h/t ny_steve]


Ken J Xenozar said...

I like Fats anyway I can get him. Good time music.

FD13NYC said...

He did a decent cover of Lady Madonna.

edward said...

Wow, Barry Richards. I used to watch Turn On for hours on Saturday afternoons. Great example of a show that didn't know what to do, but had plenty of time to work it out.

pete said...

McGuinn evidently has no idea how the song goes.

pete said...

My bad. There's another tune from this session floating around - it might be "I'm Ready" - on which McGuinn appears lost. This one is more together.

Anonymous said...

If we could hear it better (the audio mix sucks) this might be really good, Fats is smoking on piano.

Great find NY Steve.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

"Blueberry Hill" pete. This footage has been available for decades on VHS and DVD bootlegs. Barry Richards even put out his own compilation video a few years back. Try amazon if you wanna find out who Candy Givens is, Al.