Monday, August 07, 2017

A Depressed 7 Foot Clown Sings "Pinball Wizard" to the Tune of "Folsom Prison Blues"

From 2017, please enjoy the incomparable Puddles Pity Party -- and why didn't I get the memo on this guy until last week? -- and his genre-bending mashup of The Who and Johnny Cash.

Words, as I am wont to say, fail me.


Anonymous said...

This says something very scary about me but I like this a lot better then the gorgeous but talentless french girl singers from last week.

I need to check out more of Pity Party's videos.

Captain Al

Shriner said...

The guy has a great voice -- no doubt. And certainly the clown gimmick is getting him more attention than he'd otherwise get.

There are lots of good videos out there of him -- the duet with Howard Kaylan on "Crying In The Rain" is pretty ace, too!

Mark said...

There's also a Pity Party interview on YouTube where he explains what he's doing, which falls somewhere between entertainment and parody. Normally you would want the landscape to go from entertainment to art, but such landscapes are truly rare.

And artists suffer ... as often if not more often than audience members do. Artists have been suffering for a long, long, LONG time -- ever since the first French cave painter got lost exiting the Lascaux caves some 30,000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

This clown is on America's Got Talent. Need I say more?


steve simels said...

That something really hep and funny got on that stupid show?

That would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

A Vegas deal awaits.


Anonymous said...

On top of everything else, the Resident Narcissist has absolutely no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

More projection. About the sense of humor, I mean.

I never said Puddles' take on Pinball Wizard wasn't amusing. What I meant was that, in the name of exposure, he has undercut the limited value he possesses. By appearing on a show where contestants compete for a million dollars and a gig in Vegas, any cred he had, goes out the window.

And what's a million dollars anymore? Especially when the show pays it out over a 40 year period. 40 years! Puddles will be dead by then. Whether he wins, or not, he's likely to go the way of Piff The Magic Dragon and become part of the Vegas milieu. Wasn't it Leo Sayer who said "The Show Must Go On"? At least that clown wrote his own stuff.

As far as narcissism is concerned, it's a term which is often used incorrectly. It's obvious that you have no understanding of what it truly means. But don't feel alone. The words "genius" and "narcissist" get tossed around recklessly all the time. I'm just a honeydip alpha-female who lives to ball and play. I do what it takes to further those objectives.

Hasta Luego,


danny1959 said...

More like lives to hear the sound of her own voice.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious what your issue is.


Anonymous said...

I will bet that 'narcissist' gets tossed in your direction far more often than does 'genius'.

Anonymous said...

Both would be incorrect. Frankly, the only folks who have used the "N-Word" on me are the ones who have nothing to contribute to the subject at hand. Try to remember, this is about Puddles, the Pagliacci of Parody, and whether or not he gets to the semi-finals at Dolby Theatre. My money sez he advances. Tune in next week and see if he can edge out the Singing Trump:-)

Hoping your day is as pleasant as you are,