Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Is This the Most Exciting Rock 'n' Roll Song Ever? Some Signs Point to Yes!!!

From 2000, please enjoy the Marvelous 3, featuring the great Butch Walker...

...and their brilliant ode to negative solipsism "I Could Change."

New Year's Day, lyin' next to my bed
With a hand in my pants and a song in my head
About being depressed til I figured out
It ain't the '90's anymore

I looked through a Raygun and looked through a Spin
Then I ripped out the pages of clothes that were in
Threw on my Pumas and tried to throw it all behind me

And Mona Lisa smiled as I was walkin' through the door
She said, "Yo, you gotta keep it real, just like the year before"
I second that emotion and twenty thousand more

I could change and you could change
But everybody would stay the same
I could change and you could change
But everybody would stay the same
I know

Still on vacation with nothin' to do
So I got in my car and I got a tattoo
Just to cover up the one that I got of you
When I was drinkin'

I really only now regret the things I haven't done
Stayin' under covers in the dark it ain't no fun
I'd rather take my glasses off and stare right at the sun

I know
I know

I don't precisely recall how I stumbled across this song -- which is by a band I missed back in the day -- but Jeebus H. Christ on a piece of challah toast, this is about as killer as it gets.

I mean seriously -- if this one doesn't get you jumping around you need immediate medical attention. And I should add that the lyric is so vividly written that anybody, of any generation, should know the feeling.


Squints said...

I'm partial myself to their "Vampires In Love."

There's a quote, possibly apocryphal but, golly, I hope not, attributed to Butch from about that time that I think describes glam in a nutshell:

"I'm for bigger-than-life choruses, all the foot stomps you can stomach and na-na-nas out the ass."

Anonymous said...

I like it but the mix has too much sheen on it for me to love it.

Captain Al

steve simels said...

Too much sheen?

Are you out of your gourd, CA?

Anonymous said...

The song is good, lyrics great but the production is way too slick for my taste. There is no grit to the sound of the recording.

Captain Al

Mister Pleasant said...

It's killa dilla! Will have to check out this band. Definitely in my wheelhouse. Thanks for sharing

cthulhu said...

Butch is great; his segment of "Live from Daryl's House" is terrific even though I wish they had done more stuff like this of like the stuff he did as Butch Walker and the Black Widows.

pete said...

great lyric

Anonymous said...

Agree with cthulhu. I love Daryl's show.

I bought the Marvelous 3's CD's at the now defunct Circuit City back in the day when they had blowout CD sales on the four major holidays. I heard one of the band's songs on the radio and I figured they'd be worth a spin. There are some pretty high points and low points. But the CD's certainly aren't indispensable. Walker, whether you like all his stuff, or not, is extremely talented and versatile. His resume is all over the place and will undoubtedly continue to expand. I just wish the records sounded more natural.

One of the first concerts I took my youngest daughter to featured Butch as the opening act. My daughter was eight. The headliner was Avril Lavigne with Gavin DeGraw second billed. Walker kinda saved the night for me. But, I have to admit, neither Degraw or Lavigne were as bad as I thought they would be. Actually, as much as it pains me to say it, they were pretty fuckin' good. I think we caught them at a good moment. All three were touring behind debut records. Crowd had a lot of energy too. Lavigne had a crack band with Walker coming out to join them for a few. And my daughter absolutely loved it. That show was her intro to Butch Walker, who she's followed, for good or bad, since. The guy seems to have his fingers in everything.

VR - Pretty strung out, for a girl

Alzo said...

Good tune, but I could do without the product placement.

Billy B said...

I had never heard of Walker prior to this. I will be checking his stuff out for damn sure.

MJConroy said...

I first became aware of Butch Walker when he co-wrote SR-71's song "Right Now" : https://youtu.be/AtBaCEZJfJA
Which is kinda of bubble-gummy, but was catchy. Plus they were sorta local here (from Baltimore, hon).
Butch joined them for a show at the 9:30 club in DC that was darn fun.

djjason said...

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